Friday, September 24, 2010

33 Weeks 3 days - 3.5 Weeks to go till October 19th!!

YIKES, 3.5 weeks to go!!   I can't believe it, time flies !!  So I'm going to weekly ultrasounds now, and the nurse monitors fetal movement, heart rates and contractions for 20 minutes.  I've passed with flying colors for the last two tests :)

So my new pregnancy symptoms are constant braxton hicks contractions, itchy belly and the dreaded stretch marks.  Despite the constant braxton hicks contractions, the obstetrician and nurse think I'm going to carry to term :)   As for my belly, I guess my belly is stretching to the max and drooping now so my skin has finally said, enough is enough, I'm letting go and I'm going to be itchy:)  Haha.

My most recent hobby is making cards!  I  recently attended a Stampin Up party and now I'm kinda addicted to making cards. Its actually very relaxing and I see instant results.  I still love making chocolate but it's a lot of work, the chocolate batch doesn't always work out.  Cards are waay easier and faster to do!

Next week, the babies get weighed hopefully they are well over 4 lbs!!  Keep your fingers crossed :)  As for weight gain, I'm 165 lbs now, so I really hope that this weight gain has benefited the babies!!  The nurse and doctor are never concerned about my I guess that's good.  The nurse did say that I'm retaining a lot of water.

Oh ya, here is a picture of my feet at 33 weeks, they are soooo fat!!  When I look at myself in the mirror, I honestly don't recognize myself anymore!!  My arms and butt are three times the size they use to be..and my legs..well Rick agrees I have fat legs now :)  I'm Mrs. Humpty Dumpty, I find my new body comical !!

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