Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Belly Flop at 31 Weeks - 159 lbs

Keira and Naomi: At my ultrasound at 30 weeks, Keira and Naomi were having a blast in my belly.  They were both dancing, head down and having hiccups.  Keira weighed 2lb 12 oz and Naomi weighted 3 lb 2oz.  Looks like Naomi is hogging all the nutrients!!  Based on the fetus growth charts, Keira is lagging behind in terms of weight, somewhere in the 25th percentile while Naomi is 48th percentile.   Rick keeps telling me to rest more so the babies can grow.  The obstetrician says its very normal for one twin to gain more than the other. Majority of twin births are like that.  Everything looks good!

Scheduled C-Section:  The babies are out on October 19th!!  I'm planning to give birth during my 37th week of gestation.  Lets hope they don't come out any earlier.  Rick thinks that I can carry longer than 37 weeks...we'll see.  I'll play it by ear.  As I get closer to the time and everything looks good, I will push my C-Section date just so the babies can gestate more.  Right now, everything is going well, I'm apparently having an 'ideal' and 'fabulous' pregnancy according to the nurse.  She's super surprised that I can walk and be as mobile considering the amount of weight I've gained and how big I look.  I've gained a total of 56lbs already, which is over 50% of my prepregnancy weight!!!  I keep asking the nurse and obstetrician if I'm gaining too much weight..and they both say I'm doing fine...so I'll keep eating!!

Maternity Shoot - Belly Flop: I had two maternity shoots in the past two weeks, one was super fun with with a new photographer and another one  was a complete 'BELLY FLOP'.  In summary, the 'Belly Flop' shoot ended up with me getting a rude and unprofessional email from the photographer that included name calling and involved the B-word.  Rick, the makeup artist and myself all had to go through a very uncomfortable experience.  However, I did get a full refund..just no pictures.  Rick is going to elaborate on the Belly Flop Shoot. 

Maternity Shoot - Fun Shoot: Thanks to Melissa Smith and her friend Michelle Tuck!!  I'm so glad I did another maternity shoot just before the horrible one... I got some great pictures from the  'Fun Shoot' which included my belly, Guinness and Rick.  I will post more pictures soon!   Here's a nice one of my belly at 30 weeks by Michelle Tuck.

Visitors:  I had a fun filled long weekend with Ly, Kyle and wonderful Kyri!  They visited me all the way from Regina.  It was super fun being wheeled around again in Ottawa visiting baby stores.  Ly worked her legs pushing me up a sloped road, hunched over using her entire back strength, legs and arms while Kyle and Rick watched her.  I told Ly it would be a good work out, and I'm never going to be this heavy again so its going to be a memorable experience.  I can't believe how time flies...Kyri is already walking and talking.  She loves Guinness and Guinness loved kissing her!  

Other: Stay Tuned!  Wow, I really need to blog more. I still have so much to say..its only been two weeks since my last blog..but so much has happened!! I'm going to sleep now and will post more later :)  I promise.

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