Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hug bugs

One of the games the twins like to play is tag.  Naomi will chase Keira down to one side of the house until there's nowhere left to run, then she'll gently tag her and say "puuuush!", and then run away.  Keira chases after her until they reach the other end of the house.  Tag... "Puuuush!"... Repeat until thirsty (this is often after many, many laps of the house).  It's super cute watching them play tag at age 2 and a bit.

The other night, they were playing tag, but half way through the game, the "puuuush" turned to "hug!" and they would hug and giggle and then chase after each other.

Other cute things the girls are continually doing:
- Sleeping together to calm the other twin but this happens rarely, its too squishy in a single bed
- Sharing toys and iphone games.  For example, they take turns passing the iphone to each other to play a game
- Calling for each other when they wake up, and yapping away
- Posing for the camera 'Smile!'
- Saying 'Thank you sir'
- Saying "Wintah" with a British accent instead of "Winter"
- Pretending to be a spider, froggy, chicken, with each other and always playing the same pretend game

As for recent accomplishments:
- Eating at the table like a family with out booster seats
- Farting on purpose and laughing about it
- Knowing the alphabet and starting to recognize words/reading

The girls are waay smarter than Rick and I.  They learn so much watching an episode of cartoons everyday and playing interactive games on the iPad.  Just recently, they learned to recognize letters and numbers.  They even recognize some words....its AMAZING.

Technology is making kids waaay smarter than ever before and having each other to talk too and interact is soo special.

Enough writing, here are some videos and pictures!

Mopping the floor at the Children's Museum

Captain Keira and Co-Captain Naomi

Bird doctor's

Playing fetch with the twins

Bedtime racers

A few mad air guitar licks before bed


More hugs

 Post-bath dresses

 More hugs

 Keira posing with daddy's hat on

 Lazy morning

 Cutie Naomi

 Looking at the people ashore

 Say cheese!