Tuesday, September 7, 2010

31 Weeks, Fundal Height = > 44 cms - Baby Shower, Kindle and Odyssey!

Fun Shoot: So here's another fabulous picture from my fun shoot with Michelle Tuck.  We just played around with colors, backdrops, lighting, it was fun and so glad I got the opportunity to work with her!

Baby Shower and Twin Preggos: I had a baby shower late August and it was super fun!  My pregnant friends who are also carrying twins all showed up, so there were three of us preggos carrying all twin girls! SIX baby girls in the belly at the party, wow!! I think the three of us scared everyone else at the shower.  The only connection between the three preggos is that we all played beach volleyball last year.  Pamela Stewart is my beach volleyball partner and Laura and I played in a beach tournament and kicked butt!!

Thanks to Tara for her generosity and throwing me a perfect Martha Stewart baby shower.Some highlights included guessing how big my waist was (everyone overestimated by at least 4- 18 inches!!) and everyone was required to give me a baby book...which I absolutely loved!!!  Tara is sooo awesome for thinking of these ideas!  I'm also soooo grateful that the girls took the time to show up at the shower and provided me all the adorable gifts!

Kindle and Odyssey:  So my latest purchases include a new kindle and an Odyssey!!  Well, Rick actually bought me the kindle as a gift and its super awesome.  Its 3G so it connects to the cell phone network for free for downloading books, going on the internet, checking your email etc.  It also has wifi so you can connect to your home internet service for free too.  I think for value for money, the Kindle beats the Ipad!!  The kindle is super easy to read on, fairly fast and very light too :)

Now the Odyssey, wow!  Who would have thought buying a minivan would be exciting?  Rick and I actually love it.  We love the cargo space, the smooth ride, and of course the automatic sliding doors.  We bought a used 2007 Odyssey with only 27000 kms...and with 7 year warranty starting on the day we bought it.  The only crappy thing is that we now have three cars!!  Eventhough the Crossfire is technically my car, Rick has been driving it most of the time and now is in too much love to sell it.  We actually checked the trade in value for the Crossfire and one dealership offered the same price I paid for it last year including taxes!  Oh well.

Summarizing thoughts:  Rick is sooo lucky that his wish for twins came true.  I also feel very lucky too..but Rick is truly in heaven.   I asked Rick to blog about it..which will be coming soon.

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