Friday, October 1, 2010

Might not make it to 37 Weeks :(

34 Weeks 3 days - Major growth spurt for the twins! Based on the ultrasound, Naomi is 5 lbs and Keira is 4lbs 6 oz!!  They are growing super well....however, that's almost 10 lbs of baby weight in my belly!!  I think their growth spurt has taxed my body badly....

According to the obstetrician, I might have pregnancy induced hypertension, booo!! The obstetrician told me its very unlikely I'm going to make it to 37 weeks  (scheduled C-section date) due to my condition:(  I'm getting monitored much more frequently because my blood pressure is increasing and on top of that, I have a very severe case of PUPPs on my body, so I have two ultrasounds and doctors appointments next week.  The nurse told me she's never seen the PUPPs sooo bad.  I didn't feel very good when she told me that.   For the last week, I've been suffering from PUPPs, ringing in my ears and shortness of breath.  I felt like I've been through hell.  PUPPs is like a million itchy rashes or mosquito bites all over your body, and I got it from my feet to my neck, literally covering my body, which is not very common.  Then the rashes turn into blisters and finally into big welts. I guess the babies are pushing my body to the max!  On top of that, the obstetrician said there isn't anything I can take, other than some topical cream, which is over the counter strength.  The good thing is that I think I'm finally recovering.  Well its been over one week since I've had PUPPs and I'm finally able to talk about it, its not nearly as itchy.  But unfortunately, I'm going to look like a bright red burnt raspberry until I give birth. If anyone gets it, I suggest taking oatmeal baths, using Aveeno products, and benadryl to sleep at night.  As for sleeping, well, it hasn't been easy.

I'm taking it day by day now.  The only way to incubate these babies is literally taking it easy, almost bed rest.  I feel like I'm almost at bed rest, its seriously hard to walk now due to my condition.  Rick won't let me do anything.  I just hope that in my next doctors appointment on Monday that my blood pressure is ok and I won't be put to bed rest or hospitalized or have my C-section pushed earlier.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

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  1. Wow...Tracy, you have been such a trooper! I can't even imagine what your poor little body has been through (and still is going through)to house these little darlings. You and I are such as study in contrasts - I'm totally fine physically (well....mostly), but our issues will begin AFTER delivery. I do hope you are able to make it to your scheduled date, but you have already made it a very good way and the babies are a great size, so should be able to come home not too long from delivery, one would hope. That medical issue, PUPPs sounds BRUTAL.

    If there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to let me know. I can't wait for our future twin play dates, and to meet the little ladies... Keep us posted!!!!