Thursday, November 29, 2012

Twins Two Year Old Birthday Party

October, 2012: The girls had a super fun strawberry shortcake party.  Why strawberry shortcake, only because I loved strawberry shortcake cartoons when I was a kid, when she was short, soft and round, not like how she looks right now, like some skinny tall gorgeous barbie.  If I had asked the girls what they wanted for a birthday party, it would be a heavy equipment party, full of bulldozers, cranes, tow trucks etc.  They are obsessed with moving vehicles:)

The party was full of twins, three sets of twins including the girls!  They danced, jumped and played well with the other kids and were very good in sharing their toys.

The girls received tons of presents from family and friends.  Their favorite so far has been their trampoline.

Blast forward to November 2012, the girls are now talking in full sentences, growing on their same growth curves, getting leaner, and taller.  They love their weekly gymnastics, already surpassing their older peers in their classes with their fearless climbing, rolling, jumping, and hanging!  Its becoming clear why they jumped out of their cribs at 17 months old, because they have flying monkey skills.

To keep up with their energy levels, I've also registered them in swimming classes and more gymnastic classes.  

I keep thinking of how fun they are and how easy it is to take care of them.  Although pregnancy was hard on my body,  breastfeeding two little babies was super exhausting, and being on maternity leave was not my cup of tea..if I had a choice to have twins as my first pregnancy, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

The girls are best friends now and play so well together, I feel so lucky to have Keira and Naomi.