Thursday, September 9, 2010

Less than 6 weeks to go - Counting down!!

Here's another picture by Michelle Tuck :)  My belly looks like a HUGE pumpkin...
Ly and Emily laughed when they saw how huge I was.  I guess I am pretty  

So everyone's been asking what are we doing in preparing for the twins?? 

We recently finished prenatal classes and as we suspected, raising twins is going to be hard, no matter how prepared you are!! 

Twin Preparation: So with my gimpy slow heavy body, I finally have the nursery functionally ready, and I've been creating diaper change stations everywhere in the house.   I've also been slowly purchasing baby necessitates like premie diapers and researching on cloth diapers and cord stem bank.  I've been shopping really fast, no more than 10 or 15 minutes at a store at a time and then I have to sit right away.  And of course, reading up on books on twins after birth.  I've also been slowly cooking at least one meal a week that I can freeze. 

Pregnancy Symptoms - 3rd Trimester: In the last few weeks, I've been feeling a lot of weight and pressure in my lower belly, the belly feels really hard and my feet get really really swollen.   According to the nurse last week, she suspects I've been getting contractions when I do too I need to stop and rest. Maybe braxton hicks contractions?  Hence why Rick has been calling me two to three times a day to check up on me..making sure I'm resting.  I've also been getting carpal tunnel, swollen hands, stretch marks on my butt but not on my belly (so far...), cankles, and retaining a lot of water in my legs.  I actually get indentations when Rick pokes at me on my ankles and feet!!  I'm also slightly anemic and so is Rick...we both take iron pills now.  As for sleeping..I get really sore every couple of hours and I have to switch sides.  The weight of my belly leaves me breathless when I turn in bed.  When I sneeze or want to blow my nose, it really really hurts, I think the twins are under my ribcage :)  As for going up three flights of stairs in my hasn't been easy.  I waddle slowly up the stairs, trying not to rush too much blood to my feet.  HOWEVER, all these symptoms are pretty minor and the nurse thinks I'm having an ideal pregnancy..which is awesome to know that!  I'm very grateful.

Renos: Poor Rick is trying to finish our ensuite bathroom renovation alone.  Its been very weird for me to not help in any way.  The only thing I helped with is putting the drawers together from our new vanity..but I feel so helpless..  When I was pregnant at 10 weeks and up to 18 weeks pregnant, I was still able to help with the renos, I prepared the ground for our new shed, carried the shed boxes into the backyard, put the shed together with him, and assembled the cabinets in our kitchen (which I mostly did alone).  I even played tennis for two to three hours at a time but of course my obstetrician told me to quit rightaway during my first visit at 18 weeks.  I miss doing renovations with Rick..I actually love DIY projects..even if its as crappy as putting drywall up, cutting wood, or insulating a wall.

Final Thoughts: Weird as it is, even with all the new weight/symptoms... I love being pregnant. I'm soo relaxed..I've never felt so relaxed before without getting its a nice feeling.  I'm ok with just hanging in the spa or sitting around and watchin movies...probably because this is the last time I'm going to ever feel like this once Keira and Naomi enter the world:)

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