Sunday, August 22, 2010

RickSide - Making the most of our baby gear

For those who are friends with me on Facebook, you may have already seen these pictures.  We have all our baby stuff sitting around the house, not being used, and a pug that acts like a baby, so this was bound to happen.  Despite how calm Guinness looks in the pictures, it requires lots of pug wrestling and treats.  However, one picture we didn't get was Guinness in the play pen, and for some reason he loved being in there and fell asleep as soon as we put him in it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

28 Weeks 2 Days - Wheel Chair Bound at 151 lbs

Tracy: Its fun being wheeled around town!!  Last week, Jessica visited me all the way from Regina and we had an awesome time!!  She painted my nursery, wheeled me around Ottawa doing touristy stuff and visited Montreal for a few days. She's a godsend, helping me around the house when I needed it the most.  We ate a lot, ice cream was heaven!!

Rick also loved wheeling me around too, crashing me into walls, boxes, furniture, and letting me go down a slope in Montreal. Funny Rick.  When I got out of the wheel chair for bathroom breaks or short walks, Rick would quickly hop into the wheel chair and wheel himself around the sidewalk with Guinness, trying to do tricks or just to rest.  Sometimes I think Rick is pregnant too because he's always tired early in the evening, eating lots and likes being in the wheel chair too.

ELECTRIC SCOOTERS:  THE BEST RIDE I've had so far was when I discovered electric scooters at Loblaws. It was super fun cruising down the aisles shopping for groceries.  Rick couldn't keep up with my driving, I kept telling him to 'zoom zoom' or get out of my way!

Although it sucks not being able to walk more than ten minutes at a time without having a 15 minute rest and feeling like a gimp in this new body, its fun being able to take advantage of wheel chairs and scooters.  I rented a wheel chair for the entire month.  Its awesome.  At least I can shop around in the evenings and weekends when Rick is around.

BUTTERBEANS: Naomi and Keira are having a blast in my tummy.  They constantly move and they are definitely feeling heavier everyday.  My swollen feet and cankles prove it!!  They are struggling to support these babies :)  My stomach is always contorted to all different shapes and they love waving their hand or feet across the inside of my tummy when I place my hand on them.

WORK: Next week, I work two more half days and then I'm officially done.  I'm scared...being off work for soooo long and moving on to this new adventure with two butterbeans, Rick and Guinness.  In the meantime, Rick and I are going to take advantage of the time together..going on short excursions.  Normally I don't like sitting and moping around, going to spas and essentially not being active..but with these two watermelons in my stomache..I'm ok with it:)

OTHER:  Oh ya, I officially have a butt the size of J.Lo..except J.Lo has a much more attractive butt!!  I find my body hilarious and cool at the same time. With all this moping around, I've finally signed up for prenatal twin classes, a maternity shoot and completed my baby registry!!  Whoa hoo!!  AND I can't wait for my baby nice of Tara to throw me one :)

MY LAST TWO CENTS: My only hope is that during my next obstetrician's appointment that everything looks good and I don't go on full bedrest!! Cross your fingers!  I'm going to post more blogs now that I have more time too :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

26 Weeks - Weight: 148 lbs Gained: 45 lbs Waist measures 44 inches

I went to the doctor today and got 'fired' from cooking and cleaning!  So Rick has to do all the work now!!  Poor Rick.  I think I have to get a house cleaner because I don't think Rick has time between renos, managing properties and working full time!!

I worked my last full day today.  It was actually very uncomfortable sitting and having a full day meeting, now I understand why the doctor told me to reduce my workload.  I feel way too much pressure in my belly and I'm starting to get more and more cramps..likely because of my expanding belly.

The twins are slightly underweight based on their last ultrasound, 1 lb 9 oz and 1 lb 11 oz..rather than the normal 2 lbs...but pretty close and according to the doctor, everything looks good.  At the ultrasound, Naomi was shown petting Keira's back for a while, it was sooo cute!!   Keira had the hiccups and yawned too.  The twins are soo adorable, I feel lucky to have twins :)