Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 Weeks to go! 32 Weeks - My belly is 4 FEET around!!!

Wow.  GROWTH spurt!!  So I'm a shrimp in height, towering a few inches over 5 feet yet my belly is 4 feet!!  I'm amazed I can walk.  In fact, this week, I've walked more than I ever have in the last month.  I'm wondering if I'm finally getting used to the weight :)  I guess gaining 60 lbs is the magic number where my body says, ok, tough it up legs, you've had adequate training over the last few months so suck it up and walk.  Haha.  Of course, I stop when my back starts to ache and my belly gets hard..which I guess means time to REST and drink lots of water!   As for clothing choices..I'm not picky, I wear anything that fits, no matter how ugly, as long as its comfy.  I'm still looking for more last two moomoos are too small now :(

Keira and Naomi Ultrasound:  So Keira weighs 3lbs 4oz and Naomi weights 3lbs 7oz.  They are both very, very active and passed today's nonstress test with flying colors.  Their both head down and kicking a storm!  During the nonstress test, I had multiple braxton hicks contractions..which I didn't feel at all and had no idea I had them!  The only contractions I feel on a daily or weekly basis are when I do too much work...where my belly aches, my back starts to hurt and my belly is I have to rest right away.

Newborn Shoots:  So I'm soo excited to get new born shoots when the babies are born.  Michelle Tuck has generously offered to do a shoot with the newborns and Amber Sheen Photography as well!!  I'm sooo excited.  My newborns are already getting a taste working as baby models.  I've recently purchased bear beanie hats and flower headbands for the shoot :)

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  1. Time will fly by very quickly. Excited for you and congrats! Get lots of rest. btw, I am following you via Google Friend Connect.