Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A couple of clowns

The girls are almost 17 months old and are tons of fun. They're learning something new every day, so here's a few of the highlights that come to mind while writing this.

Above is a picture of the girls goofing around just before bed. One always tries to do what the other one is doing, and that night they were having a "hanging upside down" competition, which later turned into a head shaking competition, and then a jumping up and down competition. I eventually had to just say good night and leave them to their fun. They ended up jumping around, giggling, and screaming for another half hour before finally falling asleep.

Bath time is also tons of fun, but be prepared to get wet if you sit in the front row. Splash competitions! And they don't hold anything back. But it's hard not to laugh along with them when you see the giggle fit they get into when they're splashing.

Usually, when I get home, the girls get excited and try and climb the gate at the top of the stairs. Lately, they've also been adding a couple of twirls, mixed with screams and hand clapping. And today, when I got home, Naomi even did a little dance. Over the previous weekend I was able to catch some of their sweet dance moves on video.

More excitement to come! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012


The girls are declaring independence!!  Lots of big changes are happening again.  I love it!  Just recently, they started understanding what Rick and I are saying!!  I have no idea how it started, it just happened in a span of a couple of weeks.  For example, if I say its time's up to eat, they start heading to their highchairs.  They also understand where their toes, ears, belly buttons are :) I love these changes.  I told Rick that the next two steps I'm looking forward too are: 1) they can go downstairs by themselves (they are getting way too heavy!!) 2) they can feed themselves

During their 15 month check up, they are average in height and weight BUT they are 97th percentile in head sizes.  So my girls have GIANT heads.  I expect big brains :)

As for eating, I'm getting super excited that they are eating more adult food.  Its a huge step for me since they throw up so easily when they don't like something...I think they are starting to grow out of it :)  They ate lasagna last night (and a portion size equivalent to an adult each) plus vegetables plus congee, WOW.  Rick has been doing a great job introducing new foods while I've been on travel, he's a great father and 'mother' while I'm away.  I'm very lucky.

Here are a couple of videos showing their independence!