Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm 3!

Its been a long time since I've blogged.  Not sure what my excuse is?!  I've been travelling lots, working...and enjoying life with the family/life!!

The girls are 3!!  Its a beautiful age where they are happy to be with mommy/daddy, don't have too many activities to go too and are super happy most of the time.

The biggest changes so far .....they constantly talk to me, to each other, to strangers, to their toys, they never stop.  They are not shy too.  They are so honest with their thoughts.  Here are some examples:
- What's that smell, it smells like a garbage truck, pee'you! Is that daddy?
- I love you 'Mommy'
- I went to a play group today and had lots of fun.  I got some balloons and Aunty Gladys did silly talk.
- Watch this mommy, the doggie is taking a poo and I need to change his diaper and feed him congee.
- This car is my favorite, I love blue, he's super fast and cool.  The blue car is daddy's car, he needs to fly, crash into the wall and go super fast.
- Hi Mommy, how are you today.  I want to eat you.
- I farted today
- My back hurts Mommy, I need to use the massage chair.

I always ask the girls what do they want to be when they grow up, these are the answers I've received so far:
- Keira wants to be a blue car and Naomi wants to be red car.
- Keira wants to be a blue air plane and Naomi wants to be a cement truck.
- Keira wants to be an astronaut and Naomi wants to be a horse

As for their favorite activities:
- Play gym, play gym, play gym
- Dancing to Michael Jackson, LMFAO, Lady Gaga
- Everything to do with car, cement trucks, trains, excavators, dump trucks

Over the summer, the girls had a couple of weekend trips where they shared a bed in a hotel/cottage.  We went to Mont Tremblant and a cottage near Pembroke.  The girls loved it and had so much fun, as shown in the video below.  They love dancing with mommy, even in public in the middle of a street.  I think its in their blood to dance.

Oh, here's their first time using chopsticks!

Over the summer, Rick and I had a few things accomplished, the biggest one is travelling to Atlanta without the kids,  bought couple of more homes, renovated the house again and renovated the backyard.  Here are a few pictures of the house before and after.