Monday, October 15, 2012

Tiny Hikers

It's great taking the girls for hikes and actually geting somewhere, as opposed to just chasing them around like wild animals.  However, if you heard us coming down the trail, you may thing we have a couple of disobedient pets that we're taking on a walk.  We're constantly calling "Come on, Keira.... Let's go, Naomi... oooo, look, a stick!"  

Nevertheless, it is fun exploring with them.  Everything is so fascinating.  They see a tree and say "wow!.... momma tree!"  Which means 'big tree' in their language.  Not because mommas are big.  They're just bigger than the 'baby tree' they saw a few minutes earlier.

Another thing they like to do is copy Daddy when he's fixing stuff around the house.  However, they're tool of choice is always a hammer.  They say "fix!... ham-ber... bang! bang!" and proceed to beat down whatever Daddy is fixing with whatever is in their hand.

So, while on our last hike, they saw a broken tree that needs fixing:

And just as a final note, to record some of 'twin speak' we've noticed so far.  Some of them are easy to figure out.  Other words seem to mean something to the two of them, but we haven't quite figured it out.

Dodo = Sister
Fundee = ??
Rocket-da-copter = helicopter
Aaaaaaaaple = Airplane
Apple = Apple
Na na = milk (supposed to be nai nai, i.e. Cantonese)
Na na (with monkey noise) = banana

The girls had a full week of vomiting just before their doctor's checkup and lost almost a pound each...HOWEVER,  despite the slight loss, Keira is still 50th percentile in weight, 75th percentile in height (approx. 26.5 lbs, 34.3 inches).  Naomi is 75th percentile in weight and around 75th percentile in height (over 28lbs, 34 inches).  Needless to say, they are not typical skinny and small asian babies.

Next blog will be their two year old birthday party weekend...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Two Years old!! Twin Double Trouble

Keira and Naomi are high energy toddlers!  I feel like I can't keep up with them no matter how hard I try.  I literally exercise them like dancing, or running with them around the house or outside for hours before they are tired enough to go to sleep.  I sometimes wish their was a toddler treadmill.

Our favorite family activity is to go on walks and hikes with them.  It's so much fun seeing them explore every grass, tree, bug, squirrel, and rock during their walks.

Part of their daily routine involves dancing too, here's a preview of their dancing moves (including Breakdancing):

The girls are showing affection towards each other.  Its super adorable seeing them hug, kiss and dance together.  Here's a video of them as 'Best Friends':

Keira and Naomi also love the mirror and kissing, see for yourself!

As for being big kids, well this video explains it all.  They were fairly young to start climbing out of their crib (18 months old) and of course, accelerated to climbing on and out of everything possible, see for yourself! There is no fear in these girls!

The girls are super independent now, they play well by themselves at play gyms or at home. Naomi has absolutely no fear when it comes to running off by herself at a jungle gym, scaling up and down mega slides.  Keira is still a little hesitant but feels confident when Naomi is around.

Rick and I have been helping out another friend of ours with new born twins as well as providing mental support to other friends with twins.  I keep telling everyone that raising twins is super crazy during the first year, but after every milestone (sitting up, crawling, walking, talking) your life becomes easier.  I feel like I'm reaping the rewards now, they are so easy to take care of, they keep each other company and make my life easy,  I feel very lucky.

Rick and I have been very busy with work, working a lot of overtime, working well into the early mornings and travelling as well as doing kitchen renovations and building our real estate portfolio.  Despite our workaholic lives, we managed to find time to travel to Kingston, leaving the girls with our nanny for one night!

Until next time...