Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 Weeks Old - Eyes Wide Open

So Naomi and Keira are growing really fast.  Naomi is well over 8 lbs and Keira is well over 7 lbs.  Can you spot the difference between the two pictures above??  They are big eaters but also fast eaters and my mom thinks they are very good babies  because they seldom cry...I'm very lucky!!!

Here are the two little girls with the eyes open and somewhat smiling :)

I'm sure very very soon, it'll be harder and harder to tell them apart once they are closer in weight and fatness :)  I'll have to paint their nails to tell them apart!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big help for big kids

Keira and Naomi are now starting to get too big for a single bassinet.
A couple nights ago we were just getting one to fall asleep when the
other would head butt her or hit her somehow. And they would take
turns either sleeping or hitting. So, we decided to put them in
separate bassinets and they've been sleeping better since then. At
least the bassinets are still beside each other so they can keep each
other company with their grunts and groans.

In other news, the girls got to meet Auntie Kristy (Rick's sister)
this last week. It was awesome having the extra help around the
house. And now the first of the grandma visits has begun with Tracy's
mom. Good thing the extra help is here because Rick has to go back to
work on Wednesday... boo!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Pictures!

Tracy:  So just wanted to give a quick update before the babies wake up!  I'm recovering well right now, my bells palsey is getting better, my blood pressure is normal, and I'm off blood pressure medication! Although I still have the pregnancy rash, it is slowly going away!!  So yippee, I never developed any serious post pregnancy complications...which the doctors were worried about :)  

As for our new life together, its been busy busy.  We kinda have a schedule, we don't sleep very much but we still get out to walk the dog, go grocery shopping with the babies, or just walk around the mall!  We also had a couple of photoshoots with the babies, one of which is posted below for everyone's happy viewing.  

Keira and Naomi quick update:  They are growing well and fast. The pediatrician is very happy about their growth rate, they are growing at a rate of 1 to 2.5 oz per day!!

Courtesy of Michelle Tuck Photography: