Sunday, July 31, 2011

Girls are accelerating!!

Naomi and Keira are very mobile now!!  Naomi loves crawling on her knees and pulling herself up on furniture.   I can't believe its only been a week since Naomi started to crawl!! Keira is content with sitting or standing in one area.  Pretty soon, the girls will be cruisin on all the furniture. So Rick and I have made a commitment to spend the weekend babyproofing the house!!

The girls are on and off with their separation anxiety but it quickly fades away if daddy is home or if someone they know well is in the same room, thank god!!  I think their anxiety is associated with their mobility, they know that people can move away from them and they won't be able to catch up!!  But no biggie since they are ok with mom leaving the house and great in public.

Girls are starting to sleep and eat a lot better now that their teeth have cut through the gums, Rick has been doing a great job sleep training them to fall back asleep without any bum patting in the last few days.  They normally go to bed around 7-8 and wake for a feeding at 5-6 am and then sleep until 7-8 am!!  Occasionally, if they learn a new skill, they will practice it at 5/5:30 and fall asleep an hour later in their crib.  There's some crying/fussing involved but each day is getting better.  Keira still wakes up a few times on and off due to separation anxiety but she is learning to fall back asleep very quickly:)  I think they are learning to ignore each other's cries now.  Hard to make two babies happy in the same room!!

They are down to two naps, four feedings, three solids meals and on the road together to 12 hours of sleep overnight, finally!!  They are big kids now :))  The baby stage is almost over, boo, but I'm also looking forward to them walking and talking in a couple of months.

Here's a cute video of them playing footsies after finishing a meal.  They do this everyday :)

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