Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going on to 10 Months!

Last week the girls had their nine month check up, they are doing great.  The girls on are track with their weights and on the same growth patterns.  Naomi is over 18 lbs and Keira is almost 17 lbs!  AND of course, they still have 90th percentiles heads compared to other nine month olds!!

The girls are sitting up super well now, and its awesome! I can plunk both girls in the shopping carts and go shopping!!  Finally, I can pick up a full load of groceries rather than sticking stuff underneath the stroller.  The best places to take the girls shopping is Canadian Tire. The girls love the police carts.

Now that the girls are staying up a lot longer, its so much easier to do things with them, like going out for dinner or having dinner parties or going to all afternoon parties.  We've been going to lots of playdates too. Here's a recent picture of three sets of twin girls!   They actually play with each other now. Its soo cute.  The babies have known each other  for over a year!!

Its been a very hot summer.  So hot that both girls tan and sweat within minutes of getting out of the van. Here's a video of the girls enjoying a nemo mister at a recent birthday party.

New Milestones:  The girls are creeping and crawling.  They love clapping, waving and saying da da!  Here's a few videos demonstrating their new skills :)

And finally, I have full time help!!!  Its super awesome. I feel like a new person.  Having another person around to attend to one babies needs is sooo much easier than having to tend to both babies needs all the time.  I have a great live out nanny right now whose helping me till end of August.  We recently went swimming. Here's a cute video of them swimming :)

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