Monday, July 11, 2011

Fighting! Nine Months old!!

Smiley Keira

Independent Naomi

Keira is learning to say 'mama' when she's upset now.  Just before she goes to bed, she likes to see mommy and if she doesn't, she will yell out "ma ma' until I see her and then she falls asleep :) Out of the two, Keira is more dependent on mom but each day, its getting better and better.  She also has a little tooth sprouting out of her gums. The other day, I taught her to clap her hands and now she loves doing it, here's a quick video:

I make an effort to get the girls the exact same toys now.  Otherwise, they fight!! Naomi is impulsive, she gets what she wants and rolls around the living room getting it.  Keira is more comfortable playing in her little spot and sometimes steals toys from Naomi but Naomi is often ok with it.  Here's a video of them fighting.  Notice that Keira looks at me when her toy is stolen :)

The girls have been on and off refusing solids for a few days each week.  I realize that their gums are sore and they don't want to eat.  Now that each of them have a tooth, they eat a lot better.

The girls have very different personalities!  If I had to guess, Naomi is much more like me and Keira is much like Rick.  Naomi loves to smile and laugh out loud with teeth showing.  She loves being noticed, gets what she wants, and talks out loud.  She's restless too, she can't sit in one spot for too long.  Keira is more dainty, much more dependent on mommy and daddy to get her toys back, she's content with sitting in one spot and smiles a lot with no teeth/gums showing.  Identical girls with opposite personalities (at least for now!)

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