Monday, July 4, 2011

Canada Long Weekend!

The family had a very, very busy weekend.  It was awesome to get out and party like normal people.  It started with Rick attending a stag and I sttending a birthday party, we each took turns watching the girls sleep at night.  It was a great break for both of us.  

On Canada day, we dressed the girls up to celebrate!  Here's Naomi with her Canada day outfit.

We went to Westboro beach with another family of twins too!  It was lots of fun seeing the babies do their neat tricks!  Laura's daugher Anna supermaned out of the bumbo onto the sand.  She wasn't hurt but it just reminded all of us to not leave the girls unattended in the bumbos anymore.  Growing up fast!  That night, we had a bbq at our house with all four girls eating solids at our deck, it was super fun!  It was a great ending to Canada Day

The next day, it was a loong day for the girls.  We had a wedding to attend so we dressed the girls up in two different outfits, one for the ceremony and another for the reception.  Although the girls had to nap in the carseats all afternoon, with only a 45 min nap in total, they were actually really good at the reception.  The girls had a great time eating solids and dancing with mommy and daddy.  They even went to bed at a decent time, 8 pm!  Our future live in nanny took care of the girls for the rest of the night so mommy and daddy could  go back to the wedding.  We abandoned the van and drove back in style in our crossfire!!  

Here's Sharon and Marty in their gorgeous outfits.  Their wedding was super beautiful!

The next day, we had an easy day, we lounged in the deck, girls swam in their pool and had company over.  Here's Ruwan with the the girls :)


Both girls are able to say "mum mum" now, I think it means food.  The love feeding themselves too.  

As for me, I recently weighed myself and I have a few lbs to go!!  BUT, I still have a twin tummy and more than a few lbs of blubber :)  I've definitely lost alot of muscle, time to hit the gym !  I've accepted the fact that my body will never be the same, but I'm ok with that, there's always plastic surgery, lol.

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