Saturday, August 6, 2011

10 Months Old - Standing!!

The girls are standing on furniture!!  They are getting stronger by the day.  They are drinking from a sippy cup, drinking some milk, getting heavier, leaner and taller.  Their hair is also getting really long, I might have to start fixing their hair before we go out. They always have bed head.

Recently, Naomi became very sick with a fever, loss of appetite and some vomiting.  Now she has erupted into a rash.  She is starting to feel a bit better but its heartbreaking when little Naomi, the bubbly playful extrovert is super unhappy, doesn't want to play and almost nothing makes her happy.  She has a virus that's taking a while for her to recover.  Keira seems mainly ok, a little cranky but nothing like her sister.

Rick did a bit a baby proofing in the house, now the tv area looks great!  Here's a picture of our new tv station!

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