Saturday, August 6, 2011

7-10 Months Twin Routine!

The girls are all grown up! I just wanted to post my twin routine for interest sake.

The biggest changes are as follows: The girls are nursing less frequently (4.5 -5 hours between feedings), don't nap or hardly nap at all when they are on the go (ex: riding in the stroller, carseats), are down to two naps and sleep longer at night.  I make an effort to have the girls nap in their cribs at home now because they are much happier, playful and easier to take care of when I do so.   Its a small short term sacrifice and the payoff is huge (happy girls!)

The girls are awake 2.15 - 2.5 hours before taking their first nap, then stay up for 3 -3.5 hours before taking their second nap and 4-4.5 hours before going to bed.

This routine is +/- 30 minutes
5 am - early morning feed (occasionally each of the girls sleep through this feeding)
7 am - wake up time, playtime
8 am - solids
9:15 am - nurse then nap (nap on average 1.5 hours)
11 pm - awake, playtime
12 pm- lunch solids
2 pm - nurse then nap (nap on average 1.5 hours)
3:30 - awake, playtime
5:00 - dinner solids
7:30 - bedtime

I really hate having routines when I don't work, its predictable, repetitive and boring!!  BUT I think its mandatory when you have twins!!  It made my life way easier :)

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