Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remembering the Pug

Our blog is a great way for us to share our latest news with friends and family.  At the same time, our memories get recorded so we can go back and take a look from time to time.  And no set of memories would be complete without a final record of the former hairiest member of our family (a title that has now passed on to Rick).

It's been just over a month now without our little pug.  Tracy and I still miss him a lot, and we think the girls do, too.  Guinness used to whine a lot for food, and eventually the girls started to think that the high pitched whimpering noise was the noise a dog made.  Whenever they see a picture of a dog in a book, they make that noise.  And what makes us think that the girls miss Guinness is when we hold them up to the window to look out in the back yard, they whimper for him.  And when we show them videos of him on the computer, they reach for the screen.  Also, a couple of times they've thrown food on the floor and then look around for him.

The day Guinness had to be put down, the girls both gave him a few pats good-bye.  Keira even tried to give him a good-bye bite.  I know it's unlikely that they will remember him when they're older, but it's nice to see them holding on to that memory as long as possible.  And now, they'll always have this blog post to look back on.

I made a video, just to quickly look through the highlights of the photos we have of him.  We have a lot of photos of him.  He was our kid before we had kids.

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  1. Guinness was awesome. Chris and I always think of him when we cross paths with a pug.

    Loved the video,
    Heather & Chris