Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween and Santa Claus

Santa helpers!

Its been a very busy last month!  Alot has changed with the girls of course, they both walk now!  They took their first steps shortly after turning 12 months old and now Naomi is almost a pro at walking.  She started really walking in the last couple of weeks.  Keira is more cautious but almost there :)

Who am I?

The girls had a super busy halloween weekend!  They went to halloween party, went to the mall, then trick & treated around the neighbourhood collecting two huge overfilling pails.  Naomi and Keira got the hang of standing at the door and holding their pails up for candy.   Rick and I had a great time eating all the candy :)

Partying with 12 other kids!

Hanging out at the mall with their twin best friends

Its been super great weather, but I still bundled the girls when they are outside, here's a cute picture of them enjoying the fall weather.

Since I started working, time has flown by sooo fast! I can't believe the girls are turning 14 months old very soon!  I've decided to fully wean them at 14 months old using travel as an excuse.  It will be my first time time away from the girls overnight!  Rick is going to take care of them, I think he will do a great job!

I'm sure everyone is looking forward to all the videos rather than reading this blog, so here's a few cute videos of them toddling and FIGHTING of course, enjoy!

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