Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday Celebrations - Wow, 1 Year!

The girls celebrated their 1 year birthday with a bang!  They had tons of gifts so they spent most of their day opening presents.  They both loved playing with their tissue paper!

Rick threw an awesome party for the girls the next day.  They were surrounded by balloons, gifts, stickers, cupcakes, friends and family.   Alot of people showed for the party including their twin best friends.

The girls were shy caterpillars at first, didn't crawl or play as much as usual, but warmed up at the end and had lots of fun with their balloons.   Here is a cute video of them playing with one of their favorite gifts:

Rick's family flew all the way over from BC just to be on their birthday!  They had a great weekend playing in the pool on the deck, going to parks, and visiting the experimental farm.  The girls showed off their new skills by taking a few steps on their own ....the beginning of toddling and becoming a toddler :)

The girls had a lot of fun with their cousin Amber.  They shared toys, food and even baths!  Amber was a great sport at the end of trip, getting used to her toys being stolen, getting used to the girls stepping around her and having two heavy girls shriek around her.  Amber fought back by the end of the trip and even got used to playing with the crazy cousins.  Amber had a great introduction to home daycare :)
 Naomi and Keira are playing more and more together.  Although they fight a lot, they also play alot now and here is a cute video of them working together :)

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