Monday, April 18, 2011


 I tried feeding solids this morning, thinking I had ample time before nap time...but Keira fell asleep on me.
Naomi saw Keira doing the same thing and decided to fall asleep as well!

Their nap times are going very well...I feel I have more time now...! They are sleeping in their bassinets...thanks to Rick for getting them to sleep in their bassinets for all their naps.  Turns out that they love sleeping in their bassinets and sleep a lot longer without me having to get them back to sleep.  They like sleeping in quiet areas.  Rick did a fabulous job on Saturday taking care of them most of the day while I went to the spa and a bridal shower.  The girls slept almost two hours each during nap time without Rick having to get them back to sleep!! They love hanging out with daddy!

Keira and Naomi are starting to sit up on their own too!

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