Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trip #1 Accomplished, Still Surviving!

Just as I predicted, the girls keep changing all the time and changing their routine!  The pediatrician says their teething now...AAAAHHH!!  I'm not looking forward to when their teeth are out!  Both girls wake up twice in the middle of the night now...BOO.  THANKFULLY they fall asleep right after they nurse and they nurse really fast, otherwise I might go crazy.  Life with twins... its all about survival and changes.

Their four hour feeding schedule is sooo much better than demand feeding, however, they are getting too big to tandem feed and they are sooo distracted during nursing.  They take turns looking around, burping, talking, and feeding.  Can you imagine... this adds up to an hour!!???  For example, Keira and Naomi feed for the first five to ten minutes together, then Naomi starts talking to me for ten minutes.  Keira tugs at my hair for ten minutes.  I burp each of them for five minutes, then Keira starts talking to me and Naomi feeds for another five minutes, and so on!!

Traveling was a success!! The flight back was tough because the girls don't really nap when they are held.  They think its play time!!  So they were cranky on the flight back, especially Naomi.  As for getting out, I managed to work around their routine and went out two to three times a day or most of the day nursing in public.  It's sooo helpful when a second person is around to hold a baby, while I nurse the other, thanks to my mother-in-law!! 

New tricks:  Girls talk ALOT!  They sometimes roll, they squeak, laugh, let you know when they don't like a toy, and love playing.  They are starting to sit on their own too.  They notice Guinness alot. Naomi pets or plays with his hair when he sits by her:)

General Tips and Advice:
- if your babies don't bottle feed, put them on a routine so you can still go out without the babies!
- if you have another person with you, you can go out longer and be able to nurse two babies in public.  I did it during lunches
- do whatever it takes to get two babies to nap on the plane..I nursed them to sleep otherwise they wouldn't nap!
- it is possible to nurse two babies all day in the airport and the plane... I did it for 12 hours!
- airports allow one stroller, carseat and luggage per baby.  You need to take the baby out of the carseat when you go through security.  Its annoying because it wakes your baby up from a nap.
- if there are empty seats on the plane, you can bring the carseat with you on the plane if you ask nicely :)
- try to rent baby equipment rather than lugging it with you if you can during travels.
- during take off and landing, I try to nurse one baby and get the other baby to nap so they aren't affected by pressure differences.

Here are some videos of them laughing and pictures from our travels, enjoy!

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