Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The girls are eating solids!! Keira really, really likes prunes and laughs when she eats too.  Cross my fingers...but since Keira started really eating solids, she hasn't needed many night feedings....so far, only one feeding seven to eight hours after her last feeding.  Naomi isn't as adventurous as Keira...so she's still needing two feedings before 8 am.

Keira loves prunes but doesn't like to poo.  She poos every 11 to 12 days...so the doctor recommended prunes, baby laxative and water. Rick had the unfortunate incident where Keira pooed on him a couple of times..right through the clothing!!  Lucky him.  AND I can't believe Keira can hold it in for soo long without being super grumpy!!

A couple of weeks ago, when they started to wake up in the middle of the night, I was wondering if my breast milk was sustaining them anymore... The girls are playing alot more and I'm still losing weight so I was getting worried.  Another thing I've discovered is that they are napping longer without needing me to sing nor patting them on the bum!  Maybe Solids is the key!!

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