Friday, February 18, 2011

A Twin Twin Update Update

The girls are growing so fast now!  They're 19 weeks old (~4.5 months) now, and at our visit to the pediatrician on Wednesday, Naomi was 14.5 lbs and Keira was 13 lbs.  Naomi is maintaining that 1.5 lb lead on Keira.  At their corrected age (14 weeks), Naomi is 90th-percentile and Keira is 50th.

We've been so lucky with our babies.  Tracy is doing an amazing job at getting the girls to nap during the day and sleep through the night.  Both girls have had their turn at sleeping through the night for some time now, but about a month ago both of them slept from 11pm to 8am!  Most of the time the girls seem to take turns sleeping through the night, but we still get the odd night where they both sleep through.

Another exciting this is we're starting to let them play in their Jumperoo and Jolly Jumper.  They're head control seems stable enough and they really like bouncing around for a few minutes at a time.

The only real complaint that we have right now is that it would be nice to be able to bottle feed every once in a while.  It'd be nice to bottle feed them when we start traveling with them in a couple months.  It's getting better every day, but they still cry a lot when we try it.  We've had a nurse come to the house for a consultation and training on how to get them to bottle feed.  She suggested many gentle approaches to getting them to do it.  We also talked to our pediatrician about it, and she feels that the only way is the "tough love" approach, i.e. Tracy leaves the house and doesn't come back until I've fed the baby with a bottle.  We'll let you know what we end up doing.

Playing with the girls is so much fun, but they're getting a little competitive:

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