Sunday, March 6, 2011

Babbling Giggling Rolling

BIG CHANGES!!!  Girls are almost five months old!!  They love to babble and giggle now.  Our house looks like a playground, there's jolly jumpers, exersaucers, bumbos, playmats and rattles everywhere.  They also like watching baby einstein and listening to stories.  They are also experimenting with rice cereal and sippy cups.

I thought I had a rhythm going,but then the girls are changing sooo much that I've been making them cranky. For example, when the girls were between three and four months old, I was able to read their cries using baby dunstan language , I could tell if they were hungry, tired or gassy just by listening to their whimpers. BUT since they've been babbling this past month, I've been unable to read their cues and they've been cranky! Soooo after a chaotic month of overfeeding, getting them to nap after eating, trying to bottle feed, and another crazy growth spurt, they've decided to start waking up in the middle night for the past two and half weeks and killing my daytime groove. Last weekend, I decided to start all over and read every book I can find on routines and sleep/nap solutions for single and twin babies. I realized that I got the entire routine wrong and they are ready to start a four feeding routine!!  Developmentally they are four month olds with bigger bellies. Then I felt sooo much better about life with the girls. Soooo...almost a week ago, I've been able to get them on 3.5 hour - 4 hour routine (eat activity sleep method), getting the girls to fall asleep in their bouncers/cribs at the sametime with little whimpering and putting the girls into bed at a decent hour, around 8 to 8:30pm. The girls like sucking on their fists and fingers before they sleep, they hate soothers. Hopefully this routine helps with their nightime waking.  ALSO I can't wait to go to the spa, get a haircut or go with Rick/friends after the girls go to sleep:)

Rick and I are having fun with the girls.  I'm still a little sleep deprived but much much better than the first two months.  I've also lost over 70 pounds...I can't believe at one point I was 180 lbs...and that was two weeks before I gave birth!!  I can't believe its already been a year that I found out I was pregnant (on my birthday!!)!!

Here are some videos of the girls, enjoy!

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