Sunday, January 30, 2011

Already more than 100 days!

Rick threw a 100 day celebration party for the girls.  It was a success!! Despite heavy blowing snow, slippery roads and foggy conditions, we still had a great turnout!  Lots of kids came and dogs too! The girls wore their chinese dresses and were very smiley. Keira and Naomi are gurgling and kinda talking now, especially if you start talking to them. They are alot of fun! 

I can't believe its almost been 4 months with them!!   Its getting easier to take care of them because they are going back to their normal feeding schedule. I've been able to go out on walks, mall and for groceries all by my self.  But I recently acquired some help for sanity purposes! I have a nanny that comes in one day of the week who helps around the house and Rick alternates between working at home and taking a day off every week. Our biggest challenge right now is trying to get them to bottle feed so we have an appt with the lactation consultant this week.

Rick and I are doing great, we are sorta going back to doing normal activities like going out to restaurants.  I lost 60 lbs already.  I can't believe I still have 15 lbs to go!! However, I recently wore my xxs canadian goose jacket!  As for jeans...I can fit into them, but I don't like the snug feeling, esp around my thighs:)  Rick hasn't gotten fat or bald yet (he commented that he's just a liitle fatter and balder) thats good news.

Here's some more quick tips for new moms:
- Lactation consultants can help with bottle feeding challenges.
- Lecithin is great for blocked ducts, you can get them at natural foods stores...I stopped having them once I started taking it.  Its great for lowering your cholesterol too!
- My clusterfeeding sessions lasted more than a month, it's normal around 6-8 weeks post due date...the babies were tanking up so that they can sleep longer at does get better, just hang in there!!  Currently, the girls are on and off with their clusterfeeding, BUT they are getting shorter!  They sleep for long periods at night now.
- Work out, do dishes or laundry when the babies are playing on their bouncers, they love watching mommy.  Don't wait until they fact, you can do everything except napping when the are awake!!

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