Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Already?? What an adventure!

 I've been super fortunate to have family visit in the past two months helping me out with laundry, cooking, burping the babies, changing diapers and bottle feeding.  It was heaven!!! My father in law came over and helped with my outstanding minor renovations.  I actually have a beautiful shower to use in my master bedroom now thanks to Rick and Steve!!  I also have a fabulous new walk in closet for my Christmas present :)  I will post pics of all my new renos very soon including the nursery !

Wow, everytime I look at Naomi, she keeps changing in width!  Haha.  She's well over 12 pounds, approaching 13 pounds very soon.  Keira is now over 11 pounds and eating up a storm just like Naomi!  Since 6 weeks post due date, the girls started to sleep through the night (at least 5 hours straight).  BUT the girls love to cluster feed for several hours in the evening before they go to sleep, so I've accepted this transition and just plunked myself in front of the tv  with my big tandem pillow.  

Taking care of two babies as a new mother alone is NOT EASY. I wish someone told me how crazy life is with two babies.  Here are my feeding tips for all you twin mothers and new moms:
- Feeding: Babies feed more often when breastfed.  Breastfeeding sucks up all your time and energy.   My girls eat every two hours starting at noon!  Then they cluster feed almost non stop around 8 pm till midnight or 1 am. Just accept it.  Your breastfeeding pillow is now your best friend, your main food source is water, and facebook is your new social life. With two babies taking up to 45 -60 mins to feed each, you have no time to fart around.
- Breaks: Pump when you can shortly after you finish feeding and at least once a day, feed by bottle.  Otherwise the babies get so use to breastfeeding that they refuse the bottle.  Trust me, we are experiencing this right now. This way you can go out with two babies alone for long periods of time and be able to nurse discreetly in public yet bottle feed the second baby.
- Nightfeedings: Learn to feed lying down asap.  You will feel a LOT better if you can do this.
That's it for now!

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