Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The last two months....

Well, I have a new profound respect for all mothers!  Being a mother is SUPER hard.  For the last two months, the hardest thing I've had to experience is their feeding schedules (or lack of) and sleep deprivation.  For all twin mothers, you are not alone!! I've had to experience constant non stop feedings lasting days,  hourly feedings during the daytime and hourly feedings during the nighttime.  NO downtime whatsoever.  Exercise is out of the question, eating is not even a priority anymore.  AND of course, during these cluster feedings, I've had zero sleep.

The girls are continuing to grow super fast, Keira is nearing 10 pounds and Naomi is nearing 12 pounds already!!  At corrected age, Keira is 50th percentile and Naomi is 90th percentile in terms of weight!!  The girls like to stand, do squats, kick and starting to hold their head up.  They are also more awake during the daytime. AND best of all, they are starting to sleep through the night (at least more than five hours in the middle of the night), YIPPEE.  Sleep is overrated anyways.  

As for me, I'm recovering super well.  You can barely tell I have bells palsey, I've already lost over 50 pounds, so only 24 pounds to go, I no longer have high blood pressure, my PUPPs is almost all gone and I don't take any more medication for hypertension!!  Woohoo.
Enjoy these pictures!

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