Monday, October 4, 2010

RickSide: Rick's in charge

So, Tracy is now officially on bed rest.  The OBGYN says she's only allowed to get up to shower, eat, and use the washroom.  Looks like I'll be cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc, all alone.  I guess it's just an early kick start to what it's going to be like when Tracy is recovering from her c-section and breast feeding 24/7.

Tracy's blood pressure started to rise a couple weeks ago and now it is at a level that made the docs worry a bit.  They're worried about hypertension and preeclampsia (which we've read occurs in 1 in 5 multiple births.)  We're told it could come on at any time, so we have a nurse coming to see Tracy at the house every day.

The doctor says that the babies are going to arrive before October 19th, so place your bets now!  He said it could be any day.

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  1. Hi Rick, this is Aileen who you bought all the baby twin stuff from. Tracy sent me the link to your blog and I see no entry since Monday, so perhaps you are holding your precious ones as I am writing this.
    I hope all is well and please if you need any help from Jeff or I , do call us since we've been thru it already and would love to help.
    Aileen 613-596-2450