Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fighting off the boys

Little lifeguards at the beach

Call me biased, but my girls are beautiful... and I'm a proud Dad.  Fortunately for me, they're only 2 and not stressing me out with teenage emotions and/or thoughts about boys.  Unfortunately, the boys their age are already putting the moves on them.  They're all kids, so usually it's cute and we just laugh or take a picture.  However, I had to scare a little Casanova off of Naomi the other day.  

We were at the park, and the girls were playing on the play structure.  Naomi started having fun with this one boy and he tried to show her around.  She followed him around for a bit, and then he went down the slide.  It was a spiral slide and Naomi couldn't see that he was just sitting at the bottom, waiting for her to come down.  The slide wasn't very fast, so when she got to the bottom she was able to stop before bumping into the boy.  Then, he crawled up the slide and started to crawl on her.  Naomi leaned back as he advanced and he put his forearms down on either side of her head.  He looked like he was trying to suck face with her.  That was too much for me.  "Hey!... that's enough" I said as I walked towards them and the boy ran away.

Maybe I should start posting pictures of myself on this blog so I can document the progressive greying and loss of hair from worrying about my beautiful little girls. :)

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  1. That sounds like assault to me... let me know if you want to sue the crap out of that little kid... I know a guy:)