Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easy Peasy..almost

The girls are approaching 18 months old..and getting really heavy, almost 24 lbs each.  Keira is only 1/2 lb different from Naomi now.. I attribute to Keira's growth spurt to a lot of asian meatballs and breakfast sausages.  All of their 18 month old sleepers have been stretched to the max too, yet the girls legs are still too short to wear the next size up.  Further, a lot of their shirts are belly poppers..I think the girls bodies are like Rick, they all have long torsos.

Naomi and Keira are starting to look out for each other. Its super cute.  They hug each other, play with the same toys at the request of the other twin, pretend to talk to each other on the phone, and oddly understand each other with their babbles. For example, Naomi noticed her sister was crying today at the gym but couldn't see her, so she started looking for her in a worried manner.  On another occasion, Keira started crying playing with a toy, so Naomi tried to comfort her by hugging her!! Super cute.

Today we had an awesome playtime day. It started off with the girls going to an indoor play gym in the morning, followed by playing in the deck, then eating almost naked in their highchairs, followed by a lot of walking around the park.  Keira loved the slides and Naomi loved venturing off in million directions.  I think she circled the park 3 or 4 times in a span of 20 minutes.  She is definitely not shy nor scared of adventure but Keira is much easier to take care of :)

Rick and I were just saying to each other how easy it is to take care of the girls now, and it only gets easier from here on!  I can't believe I'm saying it now.  The first year was definitely hard, in fact, tremendously chaotic, stressful, demanding, and exhausting, BUT I have two beautiful girls now, who are best buds for life, how can life get any better?!

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