Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Holidays!!!


We all flew home to Regina for the Christmas holidays.  The girls had a great time visiting their grandparents, uncle, aunt and close friends.  They also attended a great party at Lee's Chop Suey, celebrating my brother's marriage.  Although the focus of the party should have been on my brother, unfortunately, the girls stole the show as usual.  They loved toddling around the restaurant, batting their eyes at all the guests, saying hi and giggling.  They were having so much fun they didn't want to leave.  We had to drag them away from the restaurant.

The girls also loved spending an afternoon at Dino Bounce (a gym full of inflatable castles).  They loved going down the slide, and falling all over the place, but not getting hurt.  And mid way through their time there, they learned how to break free from the castle and roam around the place, chasing after other kids and butting in line.

Before leaving for holidays we took this video of the girls and their new hats:

And here's a video of the girls just before going to sleep on Christmas eve:

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