Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14 Months Old - Fully Weaned

Keira and Naomi are full fledged toddlers!  This stage is sooo much FUN!!  They get so excited just walking back and forth from the kitchen to the living room, blabbing and laughing.  I love watching them.  This is by far my favorite stage!!  They flap their arms like wings when they walk too and make each other laugh.  AND they are learning to share :)  They give each other toys, and don't fight as much. Here's a video of them doing their daily routine of walking:

Recently, they had their first hair cut.   It started with me doing a bad job of cutting their bangs.  Rick made an immediate appointment with a kids salon, he was so concerned with how the girls looked, wow! I've never seen him take  initiative so fast in my life!!

They are also fully weaned too!  It was time, they weren't interested anymore so it made sense and worked perfectly timing wise with me travelling up north for a week.  Rick did an excellent job of taking care of them and putting them to bed by him self.  He's a super dad!  

The girls have been vomiting a lot recently and I think its because I've been overfeeding them without realizing it. I still spoon feed them but I'm much more cautious now.  They girls are eating more and more table food, which makes life a lot easier!  They are also still on the chubby side despite the tremondous amount of vomiting, I have no idea how they still gain weight...Naomi is 22.5 lbs and Keira is 21.5 lbs :)  

My sister recently had to travel back home after an excellent extended visit to Ottawa. I've been super lucky to have all this help since I've been back to work!  AND I can't believe Rick is going to be off for almost two months very soon!  I'm soo jealous because the girls are extremely fun right now!!!

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