Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween!

The girls are getting ready for Halloween!  I bought them a cow and a alligator costume, but after getting the girls to try it on...they are too tall!  So I thought I would take a picture of them now that I can squish them into the costumes.  Their heads are way too big for the hats too!  Funny how Guinness' first costume was a cow too.  I guess I like cow costumes :)

I can't believe I'm going back to work in a couple of weeks!  I have mixed feelings about going back to work, it'll be a nice change of pace, but I know I will miss the girls soo much!  Looking back, my maternity leave was super hard work, probably the hardest job I've ever had.  Before I found out I had twins, I thought maternity leave would be awesome, I imagined that I could pick up and go everywhere with the baby, zooming away to different cities, completing my masters degree when the baby sleeps, and attending all sorts of  mommy and baby activities.  Boy was I wrong!!  Doing all of  that with twins was hard and stressful.  I did it all except my master's degree.  For sanity purposes, I'm glad I forced myself to go out alot with the girls even in the middle of winter but it wasn't easy.

Soothing two crying babies all alone when they are hungry or sleepy was hard.  Training them to nap and fall asleep at the same time without any assistance was stressful.  Nursing them every hour in the middle of the night was insane. Clusterfeeding them non stop for six hours for over a month almost killed me. Weaning them from night nursing left me a few bald spots.  BUT I'm proud to say that I did it and survived!!  AND for the last two months that I've had help, I finally felt like maternity leave was a vacation!

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