Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Travels are done...for now!! Part 1: Sechelt

Keira and Naomi have been super awesome troopers travelling to Sechelt, Vancouver, Maui, and Regina, adjusting to three different time zones, putting up with crazy long red-eye flights and early awakenings.    The girls visited lots of family and friends during their month long excursion.  We took so many pictures and videos that I will have to break this blog up into travel chapters!!

First visit was to Sechelt.  It was super relaxing visiting with the girls' grandparents.  This was the first visit to their Dad's home town.  And for the first part of the visit, they got to hang out with their Aunt and meet their cousin for the first time.  Moreover, Guinness (our pug) got to meet his dog cousin Loca (a jack russell terrier).

We also got to Sechelt just in time for Mother's Day.

At the beginning of the trip the girls had a bit of stranger anxiety, but after meeting so many people, that quickly disappeared.  Another thing that the girls started to get used to on this trip was falling asleep in someone's arms.  Before travelling, they had gotten used to sleeping in their beds/bassinets since Tracy can't hold them both at the same time.  And they would fight sleep when we had to hold them on the plane.  In Sechelt, Keira fell into a deep sleep in her Grandpa's arms and stayed asleep long enough to transfer over to her Dad, have her picture taken, and then go off to bed.

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