Saturday, August 4, 2012

Flying Monkeys- Toddler Beds!

It finally happened, I'm surprised it actually took so looong, but the day has come when they are out of their cribs. It was sad knowing I couldn't contain them in their cribs anymore.  Maybe people who don't have multiples are mortified to hear that I would want to contain them... But, when you have to handle two at the same age and doing everything the same, you need some sort of containment mechanism. The girls have been escaping out of their beds for about a month now.

Here is the list of new changes in the last month:
1) Flying monkeys: they jump out of the cribs at the sometime everyday only at bedtime. It's a super fun game of bouncing back and forth in and out of the cribs. In less than 15 mins, the girls jump in and out 30 times in total, not kidding you.  Here's a video from when they were just learning to jump out.

2) Toddler Beds: I honestly wanted to use crib tents to contain them, but Rick absolutely said no. So, I sucked it up and I got two new beds and a week of terrible sleep. The girls partied before bedtime, slept for a few hours then partied again in their rooms.  They are night owls! But finally that has stopped, and they are sleeping through the night again.

3) Hungry Munchkins: Keira and Naomi finally are accomplished eaters! It only took forever.  I have to admit it's been my fault for babying them and having control issues :).  They are well rounded eaters, love meat, fruit and Chinese food (rice balls, shanghai noodles, soba noodles).

4)Bossy Girls: They talk to me now! They tell me when they are hungry, when to turn on the tv (or do it themselves), when they are thirsty; you get the picture. They also know their colours! They love reading and pointing out things to me, with huge smiles!

5) Little Picassos: They love drawing all the time. In fact, they draw on each others hands, faces, and bellies. Rick found Naomi drawing a mural on Keira's belly, and Keira was loving it! She kept sticking her belly out for Naomi to draw, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Big changes for Rick and I: We have different jobs at work, are undergoing a massive kitchen/laundry reno, have put in new windows, moved out for a month while all the work is getting done, and traded in the van and for an SUV.

Here are a few more pics/vids to finish off this post.  Enjoy.

Naomi stole Mr. Potato Head's tongue

Stuck in the sand

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