Saturday, July 24, 2010

3D ultrasound at 23 weeks 4 days

Rick and Tracy: At 23 weeks 4 days we got to see Keira and Naomi in 3D! It was really cool seeing their faces!!
Prior to going to the ultrasound we were worried that maybe we were going too early. We heard that if you wait until around 27 weeks, the facial feature will be more developed and you will get better results from the 3D ultrasound. Nevertheless, we went ahead with our original scheduled date, and we're glad we did. Turns out it's pretty crammed in that belly and it's only going to get more crammed as we move closer to the delivery date.
At 23 weeks 4 days there were legs and arms everywhere, sometimes making it difficult to get a clear picture of our babies faces. But, lucky for us, we did get some good views of their tiny faces. We also witnessed a little bit of pushing and shoving in the womb, trying to get Naomi's butt out of Keira's face. Anyway, here are some of the videos taken.

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